Plan Event

The Boucher Community Ice Rink is the perfect location to host your next special event or exclusive experience!

looking to host a birthday party, company event, group outing, or a fundraising event, The Boucher Community Ice Rink team can help make it special. Possible events include:

School parties (for a particular grade or school group)
Scout Groups
Church/Youth Groups
Private Parties
Company Events
Special practice time


Option A: Non-Exclusive Reservation:
For smaller party groups 20 and under on the ice and a total of ~30 overall

If you are a smaller group and are amenable to having your party during normal hours when the rink is open to the public, the following is available:

1-A special rate for groups of 10 or more skaters: $10 for kids and $12 for adults
2-The option to reserve up to 2 tables in the tent for 2 hours for $100. You can reserve up to 2 additional tables for $25 each.
3-You are permitted to bring in food, table cloths and decorations
4-We will play your music playlist (as long as it is a clean version)
5-Free Hot cocoa

Notes: Does not include cost of skate rentals or skate aids

Option B: Exclusive Rink Rental:
For any size group

If you are interested in renting the rink exclusively for a special event or other use, you are able to do so at off-hours – meaning hours that we do not currently offer public skating or lessons. The cost is a total of $200/hour for the first 40 people, plus $50/hour for each additional group of up to 10 people (as we would need to have extra staff).